Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sweet Love or Fake Love?

I’ve been called to write about this topic. Huhu.. It’s not bcoz I’m used to it. I just want to give my thought about what u called “sweet love”!!!

Anyway, do u believe with sweet love?
Have u experienced once?
How does it feel?
Huhu, u felt gorgeous to be loved by someone?
At that moment, u think u’r d sweetiest couple in this world?
Huh? Come on! At last, u two are fighting & then break up?
& the reason is that u two is not fate to be together?

Oh man! Come on! So, why are u wasting ur time coupling & having the “sweetiest moment” together in a way that (of course) not get blessing from Him instead of His anger & end up ur life with someone else? Shame on u! Ur love is a dead FAKE...


During our school day, myb we experienced to be admired by someone or myb we admired someone. Uhukz! >,< How embarrassing! It’s ok! I’m not going to tell my story... Huhu..
When someone tell u that u have “SECRET ADMIRE” u might feel very excited and feel like prince/princess charming! Like u owe this world, don’t u? Ur heart is likely fill up with colourful flowers when someone send regards to u... & u can’t even hold that feeling that make u tell ur friends about ur  “sweet love” story – which might annoy ur friends >,<

When a couple SMS, chatting to each other they might ask about “ciri2 pasangan idaman”.. & u r telling everything in a way hoping that ur couple can develop that character to fulfil the criteria that u mention. Then, ur couple success in making u happy! U proud to have that kind of couple. Yet, that happiness won’t last longer. Bcoz, ur couple is not being him/herself. He/She is trying to be someone that u might love, they trying to be perfect in front of u. So, u don’t really know him/her. Ur love is FAKE! That’s why many couple that have long term relationship when come into marriage they fail. Bcoz, when u get married u get to know the true colours of ur couple. Long term relationship does not help u to know ur couple.

So, how am I going to choose my spouse? 

Can I just marry him/her without knowing him/her first?
Don’t worry... Islam is the way of life! So, Islam has the guidance for those who want it. Yes, Islam did teach us to find a good spouse. But, it doesn’t mean u have to seek for him/her anywhere. What u have to do is improve urself to be soleh/solehah. U have to be good before u want to find a good person. If u are someone who like to go pub (Na’uzubillahu min zalik), who like to play games all d times u’ll find someone who like to do the same thing u did. Anyhow, if u are someone who like to go masjid, “majlis ilmu” therefore u’ll find a spouse that go to that places too. It makes sense, isn’t it?

What if I have found him/her?

Alhamdulillah, make istikharah & ask guidance from Allah. Ur love might be true or not. So, don’t easily jump into conclusion. Check his/her background, stalk his/her FB/blog & trying to know him/her thru his/her writing. If all that give positive sign, so make a move. Not directly to her but thru her “wali” or “orang perantaraan” for girl. (^^,)

Till here, all d best! May Allah grant me a spouse that has d most beautiful “akhlak”, “faqih” in ad-deen, handsome & wealthy! Ameen... (^^,)

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