Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Islamic Way of Learning English! Have Fun!

A : How did u learn English?
B : Oh, well... Of course by listening to the English song... Hehehe

A : Woww! Really? What did u get from the song actually?
B : Of course I got to improve my English language. Why?

A : Is that the only reason?
B : Yeah! Sure!

A : Oh, I see... Then, I'll be smarter than u... (^^,)
B : How come?

A : I get to improve my English, at the same time I gain the knowledge of our Ad-Deen. InsyaAllah,  Allah will grant us something that we are not expected to be! (^^,)
B : Woww! It's amazing! How is it?

A : It's simple! U just need to listen the lecture given by any syeikhul islam like Mufti Ismail Musa Menk, Imran Husein etc. Have a try! 

Let's discover the beauty of Islam! Islam is the way of our life. 

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