Saturday, 3 March 2012

Be Steadfast!

"Sometimes life makes me miserable"

This phrase may cross our mind when we in the trouble. We are unhappy when we don't get what we want. We want everything happen according to our plan. We hope everything comes perfectly. But we forget that everything that come to us is from Allah. We forget that everything that come for a reason. 

"What's the point of having jannah a little bit later if u get everything u want now?"

Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran : "Whoever does good whether male or female and he is a believer, We will most certainly make him live a happy life, and We will most certainly give them their reward for the best of what they did..." (An-Nahl : 97)

Many of us misunderstood... It doesn't mean if Allah love us, Allah will give us everything we want. It doesn't mean Allah is upset with us if we didn't get what we want. Sometimes, because Allah love us so much, He test us. He makes us lost our friend, our spouse and everything. 

Paradise does not come cheap, it comes with payment. If we really want it, we need to pay for it. Allahu Rabbi. Rasulullah SAW has gone through so many test in his life. Rasulullah lost his beloved spouse, his uncle, his children etc. Rasulullah lost one after the other. If u think Allah does not love u because u lost everything, u got it totally wrong. Absolutely because Allah loves u so much, He lets u go through everything to make u close to Him... Allahu Rabbi... How sweet Allah... 

Rasulullah is guaranteed by jannah. Of course we get jannah in return but there's much greater than it. Obviously jannah is the greatest but when I mentioned something that is greater it means immediate. Nothing is greater than jannah in hereafter but in this world whoever a beliver that does a good deed Allah will give them a happy life that is - be steadfast in the path. That is a happy life we will start with, a pure life. It doesn't mean u will get everything u want.  

If we ill, that is our paradise. If we fail in the exam that is our paradise. If we lost the person that we loved that is our paradise. Please be steadfast & do not lose hope to Allah. Because Syaitan will come to us & trying to make us disobeying Allah...

"If Allah love someone, He will give him test..."

~Taken from Mufti Menk's talk~

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